The One Hundred Year Flood

The One Hundred Year Flood The One Hundred Year Flood
Saturday, Nov 9 | 8:00 PM


The One Hundred Year Flood, a comedy about Life, Love and Real Estate written, produced and directed by Peter B. Hodges.┬áMiranda, a director with a dream, and her life partner Iris who teaches piano, manage a theater together and hope to buy it while another couple, millionaire Tamora and her partner Portia, are determined to ruin them and buy the theater for themselves. The two couples battle for control of a little theatre in Westville, New Haven while between them stands Rose, a successful business woman, who hopes to make peace and turn a profit. Will Miranda’s dream come to life or will Tamora’s jealousy triumph? Will Rose save the day or will her best intentions fall short? Find out when reality meets fantasy in The One Hundred Year Flood.