Photo of Lyric Hall Antiques & Conservation StudioJohn Cavaliere has been in the restoration business for ten years and has had numerous requests to start selling vintage pieces or objets d’art. But Lyric Hall Antiques & Conservation is not a run-of-the-mill antiques store, there are no shelves crammed with collectibles. Instead Lyric Hall is littered with architectural details from grand homes of yesterday. Mantles and columns are some of John’s specialties and he is partial to frames and mirrors on which he works a lot with gold leaf. John Cavaliere graduated from Connecticut College with a major in art. After college, he apprenticed with a master restorer after working at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

“I think everyone has something they love or an heirloom.” says John. “I’d like to educate them on how to revitalize it. It’s all about good design. Pieces that were well conceived have a timelessness about them, but people need to know how to care for those special pieces that need to be preserved.”  He can’t do everything himself, so he works with a lot of local artisans such as wood-turners, cabinetmakers and even someone who works with iron.

By appointment only. Please call (203) 389-8885 to schedule an appointment.

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