HNRY FLWR + Ziemba

HNRY FLWR + Ziemba HNRY FLWR + Ziemba
Thursday, Aug 17 | 8:00 PM

HNRY FLWR is the creator of The Message. In 2014 HNRY FLWR began mixing different length sound waves using ancient synthesizers and a team of musical experts to create a type of music that is 100% earnest. Before this Method of sound control, music was an insincere endeavor solely energized by a pure form of propulsion known as Narcissism.

The HNRY FLWR B(r)and was discovered and founded by Blaze Boylan of Blaze B. Mgmt in Brooklyn, NY.

Born into a cult in Iowa, HNRY FLWR grew up meditating and basking in the rays of positivity. After leaving the cult, moving around the world with a psychic single mother, HNRY FLWR landed in New York City as a young man where he learned to cope with the harsh realities of post-cult life by harnessing his earnestly sincere nature in the form of lyric and song. Now with hundreds of songs under his botanical belt, and the balance of light and dark mastered, HNRY FLWR is releasing his debut album, FLOWERAMA, on Paper Garden Records.

FLOWERAMA was recorded at Azimuth Studio with Dave Groener Jr, who has worked with David Byrne, Glen Hansard, They Might Be Giants, Paul Banks. The backing band for Hnry Flwr has evolved and transformed with members of Foxygen, A Place to Bury Strangers, The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, The Undercover Dream Lovers all playing with HNRY FLWR both in the studio and live.

“Brilliant new EP… Like David Bazan with added melodrama…”

“Nuanced layers emerge throughout with cascading background vocals and buzzing synths.”
The Deli NYC

“like a chopped n screwed version of The Pixies”
Surviving The Golden Age

“from the dustbin of that Bowie-esque New York era… sporadic sparks of creative genius”

“meditative psychedelic pop”
The Deli NYC



Ziemba’s multisensory performances offer an alchemy that is both alien and familiar. The Brooklyn-based composer, perfumier, geographer, and vocalist builds oozy architectures for her songs using fragrance, costume, and only the most sincere theatrics. She recently founded Ardis Multiverse, a sonic fragrance imprint and artists alliance, and has spent the past year touring nationally and internationally in support of her debut album, “Hope is Never.” She is currently a fire organ artist-in-residence with Guerilla Science, and is hard at work on her forthcoming fragrance/mapping project/album/parallel universe.

“Otherworldly” No Fear of Pop
“Otherworldly” Posture Magazine
“Otherworldly” Impose Magazine
“It’s almost like she’s from another planet.” She Does Podcast