Bob Cox & Friends CD Release Show

Bob Cox & Friends CD Release Show Bob Cox & Friends CD Release Show
Saturday, Jun 23 | 7:30 PM

Release party for Bob Cox’s “Don’t Forget to Dream.”
Doors open at 7:00pm, Show starts at 7:30pm.

This is a free BYOB event.

Seth Adam and Gerry Giaimo are performing with the band.
Notes from Bob Cox:
As always, a few constants remained. An acoustic guitar, minor key melodrama and the need to finish the song and move one. Just like the first time, I was hoping for some luck and inspiration. This time it came in the form of an unknown backroom recording studio in New Haven and this guy named Brian. I entered that studio thinking I was making an acoustic demo of Lost in the Flood, and left in a Neil Young coma. “Brian” was Brian Fechino, who appeared to be a quiet, unassuming engineer. He would politely ask if he could add a bass part here, and maybe put some guitar there, and we were off and running, like I’ve never run before. First-take performances, “sing like you’ve never sung before,” and does anybody know where this is going. Ten songs only because records nowadays are way too long, and each song was selected in reaction to the prior song recorded. When it came to the last one, Brian said we will do this one live, no overdubs, no headphones and no rehearsal. Just go. A Pretty Picture is the last song on the record, and it was the last song ever recorded in that wonderful little studio that does not exist anymore. That is the only regret that I have about the 6 month process that gave me Don’t Forget to Dream. Listen and react. And always wait for some luck and inspiration.