IndieGoGo Campaign Update

Lyric Hall Campaign on IndiegogoThanks to every one who has contributed funds to the “Lyric Hall: Theater Over Troubled Waters” Indiegogo campaign.

We cannot thank you enough. With your help and support, creative projects, musical and performing arts will continue to flourish in the nurturing and magical space of this historic building for the next hundred years.

Although we did not reach our goal of $21,500, we got halfway there with your generous donations and we are now eligible for a matching grant of $5,000.

Watch for news about the campaign and our progress.

And a special thanks goes out to the following people and places who have helped with this campaign and other fundraisers throughout the year.

Zelphia Hunter
Kaleem Zarif
Sheri Caldwell
Sharice Sellem
Jose Oyola
Daniel Eugene
Xavier Serrano
Maggie Barkin
Andy Rubinoff
Richard Stack
Sondra Day Fields
Joanne Sciulli
Susan McCaslin
David Sepulveda
Bill Elias
Angela Russell
Mayor DeStefano
Henry Dynia
Westville Wines

Read the original text from the Indiegogo page:

For decades, Westville’s silent movie theatre and vaudeville stage built in 1913, languished in disrepair, forgotten amid the bustle of different businesses that would inhabit the structure for the better part of a century.

In 2006, the forlorn, wood-framed structure, now listed in the National Registry of Historic Places, was purchased by antiques conservator John Cavaliere of New Haven and renamed Lyric Hall. John had been searching for a new home for his antiques and arts restoration business, and despite the building’s myriad issues, set forth on a mission of discovery and restoration that was in keeping with his chosen profession – that of breathing new life in to old, special objects.

As he continued to develop his primary restoration business, John would discover an additional calling after researching, and then restoring the building’s main stage and entertainment hall. Almost immediately, artists and performers were drawn to the special spirit embodied in the old bones and new appointments at Lyric Hall. John found himself in a new and unanticipated role; that of “accidental impresario,” playing host to musical and performance art events, circus acts, poetry readings, book signings, cabaret and magic acts, celebratory events, and even the occasional silent movie with live musical scores by Lyric Hall’s own “Lyric Hall Theater Orchestra.”

Presently, Lyric Hall serves as a kind of incubator – a home for original acts and plays, experimental music, theater, comedy, and creative “happenings” that the public can view and enjoy at nominal fees or for free. It is a place where ideas flourish and the community comes together to celebrate the arts.

In bringing the building’s destiny full circle, John has transformed the cultural landscape of a neighborhood. Today, Lyric Hall again resonates with the heartbeat of the creative community, but it desperately needs your help. In 2011, a major flood filled Lyric Hall’s basement and storage area causing much damage and hampering Lyric Hall’s ability to host events in the historic hall above. John had thought the flooding problem fixed because of work done on roadway drainage systems throughout the year.

Recently however, after a severe rainstorm that caused flash flooding across the city and beyond, Lyric Hall was again damaged by flooding that temporarily closed the Hall, destroying mechanical systems, restoration projects and tools-of-the-trade that help augment Lyric Hall operations. ( )The flood’s aftermath, which was covered in media reports on television and in newspapers, illustrated the scope of damage and the need for action.

After a review by structural and site engineers, it was determined that many remedial improvements to the Hall are necessary. Infrastructure improvements will help address recurring flooding issues that threaten the future of Lyric Hall, and provide the essential upgrades that will allow the spectrum of creative shows and performances to continue unimpeded.

Though recently honored as Property Owner of the Year by Connecticut Mainstreet, a non-profit organization concerned with promoting revitalization of Connecticut’s central districts, John’s work is far from complete. As the building’s steward, he is committed to building on past successes, overcoming today’s obstacles, and ensuring Lyric Hall’s legacy for future generations.

In just a few months, Lyric Hall and its community of friends and neighbors will gather to celebrate the building’s one hundredth anniversary. Our collective birthday wish for Lyric Hall is for its continued health and viability. With your help and support, creative projects, musical and performing arts will continue to flourish in the nurturing and magical space of this historic building for the next hundred years.