The History of 756 Chapel Street

The History of 756 Chapel Street The History of 756 Chapel Street
Friday, May 8 | 6:00 PM

The first in a series of four presentations highlighting the history of buildings owned by Olympia Properties, a local, family owned commercial real estate investment and development firm, and also the sponsor of this series.

This free event also kicks off 18th Annual ArtWalk in Westville Village!

756 Chapel Street was built in 1877 for Paul Weil as a saloon and cigar store, and incorporated other offices upstairs. Over the years many small, but important businesses chose this building to open shop, including Phillip Sellers, architect, John E. Bassett Hardware, Horowitz Bros. Department Store and the Goldie & Libro Music Center. Today the building lives on as the expanded home of The Grove and Happiness Lab at the Grove.

The presenter, Colin M. Caplan, is a local author, historian, architect and operator of Taste of New Haven, culinary tours and events. Colin is a veteran of events at Lyric Hall Antiques & Conservation and is happy to be returning.

A book signing will directly follow the event, and check out ArtWalk’s schedule to have fun well into the evening!