Canary, Cockroach, Phoenix

Canary, Cockroach, Phoenix Canary, Cockroach, Phoenix
Friday, Jul 20 | 7:00 PM

<h1><strong>Canary, Cockroach, Phoenix
</strong>By Starry Krueger</h1>

<strong>The Opening Night Gala performance on July 20th includes a champagne toast, hors-d’oeuvres and additional musical guests.<a href=””>Gala tickets are $20. </a></strong>

To reserve tickets and learn more, go to <a href=””> http://www.imaginarytheate </a>
Imaginary Theater Company proudly presents the world premiere of “Canary, Cockroach, Phoenix” at Lyric Hall!  Written by New Haven playwright, Starry Krueger, “Canary, Cockroach, Phoenix” follows the story of Ariadne, a young girl caught between her grandmother’s wisdom and the rapidly changing world around her. When Ariadne sets out on a quest to find the stars, she makes some unexpected friends along the way.  The play features original music, local actors and New Haven elementary and middle school students.

Here’s a link to the article the Arts Paper published about the play: <a href=””>Imaginary Theater Company Searches for Stars</a>

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